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Welcome to our tea haven, where passion meets tradition, offering the finest teas for your journey



Maxims Holdings, a diversified Board of Investment (BOI) approved company is a futuristic modern warehousing complex located at Ambathale road, Mulleriyawa.
Maxim Holdings warehouse facility is built on a 4.5 acre land Along with modern office space this is the phase one of two stage mega projects that has a total storage capacity of 65,000 square feet. The state of the art warehouse has a host of new and high tech storage racking systems with computerised location allocations, loading/unloading bays with dock levelers which can handle four 40 feet containers at same time and ample parking facilities.

Maxims has established a Perfecta Universal automated complete tea bags production line with blending facilities and other production facilities in line with International Standards – ISO 22000: 2005, HACCP and GMP. Maxims Holdings currently providing contracts in tea bagging facilities to small and medium scale companies in the tea trade.


“Essence tea” is a newly established tea brand under Maxims Holdings, established to inspire our growing community of curious tea drinkers by providing finest quality Ceylon tea varieties in value added packaging.


Essence Ceylon Tea refreshes the mind and body, infusing energy and vitality in each soothing, aromatic cup.

Pure Ceylon Tea

Captivated with its bold flavor, bright aroma, and the lush essence of Sri Lanka's hills.

Highest Quality

Our quality standards ensure excellence, from carefully tended plantations to impeccable processing, delivering exceptional flavor.


Convenient tea packaging preserves freshness, offers portion control, and simplifies steeping, enhancing the tea-drinking experience.


The Story Behind Essence Ceylon Tea

Tea sourced from Ceylon, now known as Sri Lanka, is renowned for its exceptional quality and rich history. Nestled in the lush, misty hills of this tropical island nation, Ceylon tea plantations thrive in the perfect climate, producing some of the world’s most exquisite teas. The unique terroir of the region imparts a distinct flavor profile to Ceylon tea, characterized by bright, brisk notes and a delightful citrusy aroma. With a tradition dating back centuries, Ceylon tea has become a global favorite, enjoyed for its versatility and unparalleled taste. Sip a cup of Ceylon tea, and you’ll experience the harmonious blend of nature, culture, and craftsmanship in every aromatic infusion.

Essence Ceylon Tea, a venerable tea company with decades of expertise in exporting tea, stands as a true guardian of Sri Lanka’s tea heritage. With an unwavering commitment to quality, they meticulously source the finest Ceylon teas from the island’s verdant plantations. Our legacy is steeped in a dedication to excellence, ensuring that tea lovers worldwide can savor the authentic essence of Ceylon in every cup. Trusted by connoisseurs, Essence Ceylon Tea continues to be a beacon of premium tea craftsmanship.

We uphold the highest global standards for quality in every sip. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we source and craft Ceylon teas that embody the very essence of perfection. Our brand has earned the trust of discerning tea enthusiasts worldwide by consistently delivering teas that are not just a beverage but an experience. Essence Ceylon Tea sets a benchmark for quality in the tea industry, making every cup a delightful journey through the rich flavors of Ceylon.

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Gratitude for Producing Delicious Tea
Perfect place to enjoy a wonderfully creative pot of tea with mouth-watering, freshly baked delights on a three-tiered plate to share! I highly recommend it.
Maria Christina

Gratitude for Producing Delicious Tea
I am that I discovered your brand. This is the best variation of tea I ever tasted. I also appreciate what you do for the benefit of your workers.
Kate Platonova

Wonderful Taste & Perfect Quality Tea
I’ve been drinking it for more than 30 years 🙂 Thank you for this wonderful tasting and perfect quality tea, given to us...
Juris Kleperis

Wonderful Taste & Perfect Quality Tea
I’ve been drinking it for more than 30 years 🙂 Thank you for this wonderful tasting and perfect quality tea, given to us...